The TETRA system is now widely used in Mining, and Oil and Gas and other industries. In many cases the environment will be hazardous due to the presence of explosive dust or gasses. A TETRA terminal which can be used with confidence in these environments is required. Other agencies such as fire and rescue, customs, or border enforcement agents will also be required to operate in hazardous areas. Motorola has developed and tested the MTP850Ex to be used in these situations, together with a range of ATEX compatible accessories.
Key Features
• An intrinsically safe TETRA portable radio designed to be operated in potentially explosive environments (gas and/or dust) providing safe and reliable communication
• Data Applications Capability
• Support of WAP plus simultaneous Short Data Service (SDS) and Multi-Slot packet data (MSPD)* services via TNP1 protocol
• Best in Class Audio (1 watt audio output power) that maintains audio performance in the typical noisy environments where specialist users from industry or public safety operate
• Simplified Keypad with Large Buttons that are easy to use with gloves, facilitating operation in difficult environments with limited visibility
• Simplified User Interface - Large Icons/Fonts ensure easy access to critical features
• Wide range of Languages/Keypads - Languages including : Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English,French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese Russian, Spanish and Swedish
• GPS Location Services
- A state of the art integrated GPS receiver provides ability to locate personnel thereby improving user safety and resource management • Man-Down
- A fully integrated internal Man-Down solution triggers an emergency procedure when the carrier of the radio device does not move any more and/or has fallen down