Motorola has more than 20 years of experience in providing intrinsically safe two-way radios. Having shipped more than 100,000 TETRA ATEX radios, we are the leading supplier of TETRA radio communications solutions for use in hazardous environments. We have used all of this knowledge and experience to develop the MTP8000Ex Series ATEX radios, giving workers the ability to work safer, work smarter and work anywhere with powerful audio,enhanced coverage, extended battery life, greater ruggedness,advanced ergonomics and increased usability.
DESIGNED FOR THE MISSION — The MTP8000Ex Series TETRA ATEX radios have been specifically designed for end-users who need to work in hazardous environments with potentially explosive gases or chemical vapours, flammable liquids or combustible dust
OIL & GAS — Workers in the Oil & Gas industry are constantly at risk of escaping flammable gases or liquids and they are often required to work in extreme conditions of heat and dust or cold and wet. Good communications are the key to operating effectively in these dangerous conditions and workers rely on ATEX radios to keep them safe.
MINING — Escaping flammable gases, such as methane, are a major risk in the mining industry. Communication is key to working effectively in such hostile and dangerous conditions and ATEX radios are needed to keep miners safe particularly when explosives are used.
AIRPORTS — AirporAirports are complex facilities where effective and reliable communications are of great importance. But wherever there is a potential exposure to fuel, there is a risk of explosion. Increasingly, ATEX radios are used in areas where workers and on-site fire crews are in close proximity to aviation fuel to keep them safe
UNCOMPROMISING SAFETY — All design aspects of the MTP8000Ex Series have been optimised to ensure the highest levels of safety, ease of use and ruggedness for users who work in hazardous environments.